Tuesday, June 19, 2012

'Merca. Home of the... crew of Wave Dancer

We made it back to the states, no problems. (Phew)

We were pushing our way up the coast of Florida, making our way to St. Augustine in hopes to sell the boat there. We made it as far as Stuart and decided, 'To hell with this', and decided to just stay. We've been moving the boat a lot lately, and we're tired. Stuart is a nice place, and we were there. Sounds perfect.

Our goal is to sell the boat. We have a lot of people emailing/calling us about it. We're hoping we'll be able to part with it quickly and easily.

What's next: who knows. We have some potential jobs lined up, maybe some more travel, maybe settle down for a bit. We don't know, we're waiting for the Great Magnet to make that decision for us.

What we will be doing, is driving across country (after the boat sells) to visit family and friends. Can't. Wait.

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